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The Center for Learning, Advising and Student Success (CLASS) is your academic home until you choose a major and are admitted into a WVU school or college that will chart your pathway to graduation and career opportunities.

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WVU President, E. Gordon Gee


The first step in any journey is deciding where you want to go. Who do you want to become? What do you want to accomplish?

Fortunately, you do not need to know all the answers now. Life is about self-discovery. West Virginia University offers many paths toward success, and your CLASS advisers will guide you every step of the way toward your perfect destination.

—E. Gordon Gee
President, West Virginia University


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Undecided/Undeclared Major

If you’re undecided about your path and like to keep your options open, CLASS will help you to find the school/college that’s right for you.

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Guided Pathways

Explore groups of majors that align with your types of interests and careers, offering parallel possibilities that best fit your passion.

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Professional Programs

While many professional degrees do not traditionally admit freshmen, you can get started on your program working with specially trained advisers.


We support you along your journey to a major and career through advising, tutoring, academic support, one-on-one student success coaching, peer mentors, federally-funded programs and more!

Advisor and Student


Establish a plan with your designated academic adviser to find the right major for the right career.

Explore Advising Opportunities 

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Student Success

Take advantage of free academic services, such as tutoring and success coaching.

Explore Academic Services

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First-Year Pathway

Make a successful transition to college with structured academic support.

Explore First-Year Pathway
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Student Support Services/TRIO

Access free academic services, from advising, tutoring, financial aid support and more.

Explore Student Support Services/TRIO 

Have more questions? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet your peers

Sydney Keener

Sydney Keener


“I looked through the entire list of majors too many times to count — I was so stressed about making a decision. WVU was so helpful when I was trying to choose my major. My CLASS freshman seminar course was a savior! We were required to take the Focus2 exam and meet with a career counselor at the Career Services Center. The Focus exam surveyed interests and strengths and gave suggestions about what areas of study might be good for you, which brought up some options I hadn’t even thought of.”

Abbigale White

Abbigale White


“I am all over the place when it comes to what career path I want to follow. I’ll watch an Indiana Jones movie and want to be an anthropologist, or I’ll watch “Grey’s Anatomy” and want to become a doctor. I had no clue what I wanted to do when I came to WVU, but WVU really helped me figure it out. The resources WVU has to offer are endless. I made an appointment with a career counselor. This helped me narrow down my options drastically. Then I just had to explore.”

Kierra Mitchell Portrait

Kierra Mitchell


“When I first came to WVU, I wanted to major in nursing. But I wasn’t doing well in some of my classes, like chemistry, and I knew it would hurt future opportunities if I didn’t excel. Then, one of my friends told me about public health. At that time, I had no idea what public health was but I learned more about it and found out about the patient navigation area of emphasis. Once I switched my major, I found it was actually a lot more of what I wanted to do. I wasn’t in love with the clinical aspect of nursing, and in public health I loved being able to have a better relationship with the patients and their families. So, I found that public health was a better fit for me. It helped me find my place and find exactly what I want to do.”

Byron Utley

Byron Utley


“I really enjoyed my time in theater in high school, but I didn’t know that theater design was something you could major in. I had no idea that this was something you could actually do and make a living.” He decided to major in engineering at WVU. While attending New Student Orientation, Utley and his mother, who is deaf, were assisted by interpreter Theresa McGonigle, whose husband taught acting and directing at WVU. “Theresa suggested I learn more about the theater program,” Utley said. He switched to theatre technology and design after one semester and spent the next three-and-a-half years learning technical craft, like welding and carpentry, and managerial skills.

Explore how to find your path to success at WVU

Exploratory Pathway Open Houses Will Be Announced Closer to Fall 2022

Undecided about your path and want to keep your options open? Learn how WVU can help you find the school or college that’s right for you.

Questions about getting started at WVU?

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WVU offers opportunities for high school students.

High School Access advisor and student.

High School Access

Start earning college credits in high school! WVU offers courses online, on-campus and in high schools around the state.

Explore High School Access 
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Upward Bound/TRIO

Prepare for college as high school students, working together to overcome social, academic and cultural barriers to higher education.

Explore Upward Bound