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Guided Pathways

The guided pathways are designed to help you explore complementary majors and careers as we make sure that the classes you take count toward your degree -- even if your major changes.

Your journey to a major will begin in a guided pathway. The goal is to identify and confirm a major that leads to both academic and individual success.

Please note, WVU's majors can lead to multiple outcomes after graduation, so certain majors may fall under multiple pathways.

Check out our FAQs for more details!

Picture of a student working in a greenhouse.


From sustainable crop and food production to protecting natural resources, agriculture and natural sciences students can start their own businesses, launch their own product lines or work in growing industries like food science, veterinary medicine and soil and water conservation.

Related Majors: agribusiness management, animal and nutritional sciences, public health, biochemistry

Explore Agriculture and Natural Sciences
Picture of a student taking video using a phone


Majors in this pathway prepare for rapidly evolving business and media fields. Graduates can pursue their own business ventures, climb the corporate ladder or innovate new products and services. Career paths include forensic accounting, information technology, project management, fundraising and technical writing.

Related Majors: accounting, entrepreneurship and innovation, finance, graphic design, management, sports and adventure media

Explore Business and Communications
Picture of a student studying in front of a laptop.


Many students start college as undecided/undeclared students. And many design their own paths to fit their needs.

Potential Majors: 140 undergraduate majors that can be customized to your passions. Your CLASS adviser will help you get started.

Explore Majors
Picture of a student and professor in lab coats looking at a microscope sample.


Students entering this pathway want to help people, whether they are diagnosing medical conditions, treating patients, curing diseases or analyzing health data. This pathway is the academic home for students completing admission requirements for pharmacy, occupational therapy, biomedical laboratory diagnostics or immunology and medical microbiology.

Related Majors: pharmacy, nursing, biomedical laboratory diagnostics, exercise physiology, public health, health and well-being

Explore Healthcare
Picture of multiple students studying


This broad range of majors is the gateway to an even broader range of careers. You will gain in-depth knowledge in one area, plus skills like communication, problem-solving and critical thinking that apply to many disciplines. Fields like copywriting, translating, law, public relations, economics, geography and museum conservation are all popular.

Related Majors: English, art history, interdisciplinary studies, religious studies, history, economics, languages

Explore Liberal Arts and Humanities
Picture of a student getting to look through a research grade telescope.


STEM majors solve everyday problems and help build a better future. From aerospace engineering to physics to management information systems, these majors require a passion for thinking outside the box and the willingness to tackle big questions. Careers include petroleum engineering, software development, fraud examination, chemistry and physics.

Related Majors: biometric systems engineering, computer science, cybersecurity, neuroscience, some education majors

Explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Picture of a professor during a lecture


One-part science + one-part art. This pathway is for students who want to help change lives for the better. These majors are all about studying and analyzing human behavior and society while looking for ways to improve how we think and act. Careers vary from clinical psychology to human resources to public relations and marketing.

Related Majors: sociology, psychology, child development and family studies, criminology, some education majors

Explore Social Sciences
Picture of an art professor giving advice to her student in front of a painting.


These majors fit every dream, from the future record producer to the budding Oscar winner. And with a museum and creative arts center, you will have plenty of inspiration. Graduates work across a broad spectrum of fields, from creating art or performing on stage to education or in marketing or business.

Related Majors: intermedia and photography, game design and interactive media, landscape architecture, music performance, theatre

Explore Visual and Performing Arts