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Conditional Admission

You are a conditionally admitted student if you have not met one of WVU’s minimum admissions criteria: High school GPA or standardized test score (ACT or SAT).

You will participate in academic support services, including a three-week summer bridge program, academic advising, success coaching and peer mentoring.

What are the benefits of participating? These services are proven to help you transition from high school to college.

What to expect? You will:  

  • Meet monthly with a success coach who will monitor your progress and help you improve your time management, note-taking and study skills.
  • Work with a peer mentor who will help you find your sense of belonging on campus and become an active member of the Mountaineer family. 
  • Engage with faculty and your academic adviser, all of whom will help you ignite your passion for learning. 
  • Achieve academic performance outcomes, which include:
    • Establishing and maintaining good academic standing (above or equal to a 2.0 overall GPA).
    • Maintaining financial aid eligibility, when applicable.
    • Enrolling in an academic college or school by the end of the freshman year.
    • Earning a bachelor’s degree in approximately four years.

Questions regarding admissions status are to be directed to the Office of Admissions at or 304-293-2121.  

Summer Bridge

Get a jumpstart on college coursework through Summer Bridge, a program that is required for you to participate in and successfully complete before you can be admitted to the WVU Morgantown Campus in the fall term.

Offered at a reduced tuition rate, the three-week Summer Bridge program is delivered online and allows you to earn college credits that count toward your bachelor’s degree. The 2024 Summer Bridge begins on June 24th and ends on July 12th.  

Learn more and register for Summer Bridge

If you are unable or uninterested in participating in the Summer Bridge program, you may enroll in a regional campus (i.e., Potomac State College or WVU Institute of Technology) and then transfer to WVU after completing two regular terms of study (minimum of 24 earned credit hours) and establishing good academic standing (above 2.0 overall GPA). 

Learn more about transfer options

Academic Support

As a conditionally admitted student, you have a dedicated academic adviser who helps you customize your academic experience to fit your interests, passions and goals. 

In addition, you meet with a success coach monthly. Your success coach works individually with you to enhance your academic skills in time management, note taking, reading and study strategies. Success coaches are a great resource to help strengthen your academic and college life skills!

Furthermore, you are assigned a peer mentor, who is embedded into your first-year seminar, to help you find a sense of belonging and community on campus.

Conditional Admission FAQs

What if I decide not to take advantage of these resources or complete the Summer Bridge program?

Your enrollment at WVU Morgantown for the fall semester is contingent upon participation in these resources. If you decide not to participate, you may consider attending one of our regional campuses (i.e., Potomac State College or WVU Institute of Technology) and then transfer to the WVU main campus after successful completion of 24 credit hours with an overall GPA ≥2.0.

What if I retake the ACT or SAT and get a better score?

The ACT and SAT can be retaken, and your updated scores submitted to WVU’s Office of Admissions for reconsideration. Check timelines for both test scores, not only when the test is being given, but when scores are being released. It can take up to two weeks after scores are released for them to be received by WVU. Scores need to be received prior to May 15 for conditionally admitted students. You may contact the WVU Office of Admissions at 304-293-2121 with any questions regarding your admission status.

What if my high school GPA changes?

If you have an updated high school transcript with a new GPA, please send it to our Admissions Office as soon as possible. Doing so allows your admission status to be reevaluated. Information on submitting transcripts can be found here.

What if I do not complete the Summer Bridge component?

You will be referred to one of our  WVU regional campuses.

Am I eligible to receive financial aid for any of the programs?

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions. Go to for contact information.