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Undecided/Undeclared Majors

Students often wonder, can I start college without officially declaring a major? Absolutely! Many college students like to keep their options open or change their major.

As an Exploratory Pathway student, academic advisers make sure you have the guidance and support to create an academic plan, discover your passion and then turn it into a major or degree that will lead to a rewarding career!

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Personalized Academic Advising

You will be assigned to an academic adviser who specializes in major exploration. Undecided advisers are well-versed in the 140+ majors that WVU offers and can explain how these majors relate to your personal interests and strengths.

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WVUe 191 - First Year Seminar

All students take a first-year seminar to help you explore major options and the steps necessary to reach your goals.

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Job Shadowing and Work Experience

WVU will connect you with volunteering and job shadowing opportunities to help you explore and gain experience in the fields you’re interested in.

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You can take the Focus2 career assessment tool at any time to explore how WVU majors can lead to desired careers. Dedicated professionals in the Career Services Center can help you analyze your results.

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