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Guided Pathway FAQ

I applied to a specific major but was admitted into a Guided Pathway, what is this?

The Guided Pathways are an academic model designed to make academic-to-career pathways clearly defined for students. The Guided Pathways allow students to explore multiple majors that will all lead to a successful and rewarding career in your field of interest.

What kind of resources will I have while in the Guided Pathways?

You will have personal one-on-one academic advising with a senior-level adviser who specializes in supporting guided pathway students. Your adviser will help you reach your desired major as quickly as possible while also helping you explore other options that can also lead to your career goals. Additionally, you will have access to free tutoring and success coaching . We also offer programs for specific populations of students, see if you qualify !

How do I get into my desired major, as a newly admitted First-Time Freshman?

Each college/school has specific admission requirements. These are typically based on high school GPA, as well as ACT/SAT/ALEKS scores. Review the admission requirements for your desired major . Contact our Recruitment Specialist, Tyler Redding, at review your admission status.

Could my admission status change?

Yes! If you have updated ACT/SAT/ALEKS scores or an updated high school GPA that you think might make you eligible for admission into your desired program, please reach out to our Recruitment Specialist, Tyler Redding, at to have your admission status reviewed.

How can I get into my desired major after I have completed coursework in CLASS? 

Each college/school has specific admission requirements typically based on overall GPA and completion of specific coursework. You can review these requirements , or check with your adviser. Once you meet the admission requirements to get into your desired major, your adviser will help you with the transition process.

What courses will I be taking if I’m in a Guided Pathway?


You will be taking degree pursuant coursework, general education foundation courses, and pre-requisite courses. All of these courses prepare you for admission into your desired major and count towards graduation requirements.

Will starting in the Guided Pathways delay my graduation?

No, however your graduation timeline depends on your academic performance. We strive to help you gain admission into your desired major as soon as possible with the help of the academic resources outlined on our website and in this FAQ.

How can I connect with other students in the Guided Pathways?

Your WVUe 191 first-year seminar course is designed for you to learn about the college experience with your peers. You will be in your first-year seminar course with other pathway students who share common interests and goals.

I have additional questions, or I would like to meet with someone. Who can I contact?

Feel free to reach out to our Recruitment Specialist, Tyler Redding, at